Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical Trainer Review

Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical Trainer We have researched the top rated elliptical machines that are selling today and here we present a complete Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical Trainer Review. This is on the lower end price wise but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is short on features as you will see…

What Makes a Great Elliptical Trainer?

This is a matter of opinion of course…but we feel that the most important things to look at when buying an elliptical are:

  • How good of a workout you can get
  • Ergonomics and comfort
  • Overall value
  • Reviews from others

So keeping these things in mind we will go through each one and see how the Proform 6.0 ZE fares. Of course you want a machine that will give you a good workout and that is comfortable and safe to use. Let’s take a look further and see how it stacks up.

Will it Give Me a Good Workout?

Getting a good workout with an elliptical trainer depends on a few things. The type of resistance available is key, and being able to adjust is something that is important to accomodate people of all fitness levels. The Proform 6.0 ZE elliptical allows you to easily adjust and switch between 10 resistance levels as well as use one of the machines 12 built in programmed workouts. Simply choose between aerobic, weight loss, or performance categories and you’ll be on your way to success.

Ergonomics and Comfort

First off, to ensure comfort and stability, the trainer is equipped with an 18-inch stride length and oversized, slip-resistant pedals. The longer stride length will benefit average to tall sized people and make the range of motion comfortable and natural. Other comfort features include an iPod-compatible music port, a built in workout fan, a bottle holder, and a 250-pound weight capacity with a rock solid frame.

Overall Value

The overall value for the Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical Trainer is evident with the amount of features available at the price point that it sells for. If you compare the features vs. some more expensive models and look at reviews you will see that this elliptical is definitely a good deal for the money.

How Much Will You Pay?

Retail for this unit is $700+ but we have seen it price at Amazon for under $500. This is the best deal that we have found on the Web.

Reviews of Others

As we mentioned before, reviews from others is a great way to see how the product is viewed by people that have actually purchased it. Here are some examples of things people had to say about the Proform 6.0 ZE:

  • “Best Elliptical under 1200$”…
  •  “Can’t be beat for the money”…
  • “More Than Just Great”…

The few negatives we found had to do with assembly and squeaking of the unit after it was put together by just a few people. Make sure to buy a proper lubricant and tighten the bolts enough to prevent this from happening and you should be fine.

Getting the Best Price

We think you will find the best deal here for the Proform 6.0 ZE elliptical trainer….and also you can look at and compare the best ellipticals from the best place to buy them on the Web.

See the Best Deal on the Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical Trainer



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