Health, Nutrition and Fitness tips

Here are some great sites that you may find helpful in your weight loss journey.  Getting fit, healthy and happy is not just about the exercises or equipment – it’s all about the whole package.  This includes your way of eating (otherwise known as ‘your diet’) and your mental tenacity.  It can be as simple as how you get out of bed in the morning!  One small step at a time, armed with the best tools you can find. Your health is linked to healthy eating as well as exercise.   Purchasing your Elliptical Trainer is the first step to achieving your health goal.  Have a look at some of the links below – they come highly recommended and we’ll add to them – but only if we think they’re great.

Health, Nutrition and Fitness

I Quit Sugar – a series of wellness programs and awesome recipe books with a healthy ‘whole life’ approach to support a lifestyle change

180 Nutrition Protein Superfood – 100% natural with no fake stuff – loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. It’s  gluten free and makes the perfect power-packed meal in a glass for those on the go.  Great lifestyle product and optimizes weight loss

Mayo Clinic Weight Loss Tips

Healthy Eating and Diet Center – WebMD